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Creative makers and tech designers

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Immersive VR experiences & interactive installations

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The techno jungle for your needs

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When technology meets art, when smart storytelling creates new emotions

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Through real life 360° filming or digital environments design, we create immersive experiences.

Novelab VR expertise was recognized by several international awards and we’ve been laureate of Tribeca New Media fund as well as The new frontier section of the Sundance Film Festival. Novelab clients include the likes of Google, Oculus or Sony.

We create Interactive Installations for art exhibitions, communication events and showrooms.

We use screen displays & motion capture, real robots and touch surfaces to capture the attention of the public and bring them into your world.

Through careful interactive design, let people play with your product and your brand.

Novelab works on transmedia projects include :

– iOS, Android & Microsoft mobile Apps

– Educational or gamers video games for consoles & mobile devices

– html 5, responsive design and web GL for websites

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are now mature enough to knock the door of the industry.

Virtual Reality allows now for a realistic immersion into day-to-day technicians activities inside industrial facilities. VR becomes an unmatched tool for Training.

Within a few years, technicians on the field will be equipped with Augmented Reality tools such as AR Helmets.
In 2016, products such as Microsoft Hololens will be ready to switch from R&D to tangible industrial applications.

Let us guide you through this!

Projects Highlights

Umami Virtual Reality Experiences, Interactive Installation
Monaco and the Ocean Interactive installation, Transmedia and Games
SPHERES Virtual Reality Experiences
Notes On Blindness : Into Darkness VR Virtual Reality Experiences
A Jester’s Tale Augmented Reality Experiences, Interactive Installation
Isle of the Dead Virtual Reality Experiences, All
Unrest VR Virtual Reality Experiences

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Novelab Paris
12 rue de l’Ancienne Comédie
75006 Paris

Phone (office) : +33 9 50 80 72 36

Novelab Toulouse
4 rue Boulbonne
31000 Toulouse

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