Guided by the sounds, we explore the powerful nature of the polar regions and face our inner self until we enter a state of harmony.

An iceberg is cracking, the ice flow is breathing and a sled dog is howling…

Electronic music producer Molécule cuts himself off in a village of hunter in Greenland. He records sounds of the Arctic to compose. Inspired by his adventure, -22.7°C VR offers a sensory and introspective trip in the polar regions.

Guided by the sounds, the user is in a deep listening state. Through an initiatory journey, he reconnects with Nature and his inner self. The user navigates between an «outer» dimension, where he discovers a powerful, majestic but dangerous nature; and an « inner » dimension, where he faces his sensations and fears.

Little by little, these two dimensions merge and lead the user to a final state of harmony and communion with the universe.

– Live action & Real-time 3D

– Developed for Oculus Rift (6DOF)

Interaction design, software architecture, real-time 3D (modelizing, texturing, lighting), sound design, audio programing and rendering are being made within the Novelab studio.


Written by Molécule, Jan Kounen et Amaury La Burthe

Directed by Jan Kounen

Original soundtrack by Molécule

Interactive & sound design by Amaury La Burthe

Produced by Guillaume de la Boulaye (ZORBA Production) in co-production with Novelab, ARTE France and DV Group.  

With the support of : CNC, Mairie de Paris, Région Occitanie, Institut Français, Sacem Because Music, Miala, Mille Feuilles

Presented at IDFA Forum (round table pitch), Cross Video Days, Atelier Grand Nord VR,  and Venice’s Gap-financing Market