Replay Memories

Replay Memories

A deep and immersive journey into the collective worldwide memory to revive your own souvenirs.

How sure are you of your memories? Do we all have the same memories of an event? In a time where the world wide web is the first consultation tool for historical world events, can we still believe that culture and education are important prisms in the creation of a national collective memory?

The VR-experience creates a real space in which one can physically wander, a hypercube that can be touched, manipulated, in which you can stroll and move. It allows the user to experience the 4th dimension, built by our memory: time. Using various clues, you are invited to retrieve the memory of a historical event, to confront your memory to the web’s memory, and to immerse yourself in this historical event.

At the end of your quest, you will be able to live or re-live, for a moment, the event you have discovered.


A VR project directed by

Gordon & Andrés Jarach

Producer : Chloé Jarry

Co-producer : Grégoire Parain

WebVR Development : Frédéric Jean, Fabrice Lapeyrere

Project Manager : Nicolas Rouilleault

Production : Camera lucida productions, Novelab, INA

Partners : CNC, Media

Keywords : Immersive experience, Web VR