Spheres – Songs of Spacetime

Spheres – Songs of Spacetime

One billion years ago, two black holes violently crashed into one another, creating gravitational waves … and music that only recently has been discovered. For the first time, instead of looking at the universe, we are beckoned to listen to it. SPHERES: Songs of Spacetime is a celestial experience that transports you inside a black hole collision to embark on a musical journey that visualizes gravitational waves and provokes a rich contemplation of the human connection to the cosmos. This piece is part of the New Frontier Sundance 2018 Official Selection.

Written and Directed by Eliza McNitt

Presented by Oculus Studios, Protozoa Pictures

With Support from Intel

Executive Producers : Darren Aronofksy, Ari Handel, Kaleidoscope

Producers : Jess Engel, Arnaud Colinart, Dylan Golden

Co-Producers : Grégoire Parain, Jill Klekas

Composers : Kyle Dixon, Michael Stein

Sound Designers : Craig Henighan, Robert Kellough

VR Technical Director : Clément Chériot

Lead Interactive Systems Developer : Robin Picou

Creative Developer : Julien Daniel-Moliner

Lead Artist : Amaury Guilley

VFX Artists : Baptiste Poligné, Dimitri Sourzac

3D Artists : Arthur Maugendre, Kévin Procope

VR Audio Integrators : Florent Dumas, Thomas Couchard

VR Prodution Studios : AtlasV, Novelab, Crimes of Curiosity

Scientific Advisors : National Academy os Sciences, Dr. Richard Matzner, Dr. Zsuzsanna Marka, Dr. Szabolcs Marka

Keywords : Immersive experience, VR, Astro-physics