A Jester’s Tale

A Jester’s Tale

Augmented Reality

Experience the viscerality of a psychologically taxing children’s fable merging with the physicality of our world, as you come home cold and tired, just in time for a bedtime story. In this interactive augmented reality narrative the characters you see through the Magic Leap headset are just hollow meshes, but maybe so are you.

Official Selection Sundance New Frontier (2019)

Produced by 1RIC & RYOT

Animation/VFX by Novelab

By Asad J. Malik

Written & directed by Asad J. Malik

Key collaborators : Jake Sally, Jack Daniel Gerrard, Mariana Irazu, Ela Topcuoglu, Philipp Schaeffer

Executive Producers: Bryn Mooser, Hayley Pappas, Matt Ippolito

3D animators : Amaury Guilhey, Christophe Devaux, Aymeric Mezaute, Willem Hilliard

Producers : Jake Sally, Ela Topcuoglu, Marina Irazu, Jack Daniel Gerrard

VFX Producer : Grégoire Parain

Creative Technologist : Amaury La Burthe

Cast : Poppy, Aiden Torres, Jovanna Vidal, Phoebe VanDusen