ATUSGI Robotics 3D Scan

ATUSGI Robotics 3D Scan

To accompany the release of the TV serie Real Humans Season 2, the 3D scan installation uses the (at the time) cuting-edge 3D technologies. 

After drinking a secret potion, the visitor is 3D scanned and his scanned 3D silouhette is displayed in real-time on a screen located in front of him.

Selected visitors were rewarded with a 3D printed figurine based on their own 3D scan

The installation was presented at the Forum des Images of the cultural center Georges Pompidou-Beaubourg in Paris.

 Client : Agat Films-Ex Nihilo, ARTE

Developpers : Cyril Diagne, Novelab

Music : Chapelier Fou

Keywords : IR Camera, 3D Scan, 3D print