Mano Solo: Long Live The Revolution!

Mano Solo: Long Live The Revolution!


Mano Solo: Long Live The Revolution! is a scrolling graphic novel at the crossroad of documentary and animation, featuring excerpts from an unpublished autobiographical text by Mano Solo and a selection of his personal archives. An interactive experience offering a journey through the life and body of work of a protean artist, easy to access and mobile-first.


Based on Mano Solo’s text ‘Les ailes aux talons’

A Scrolling Graphic Novel by Nicolas Rouilleault

In collaboration with Alice Zavaro (UX/UI design)

Archives: Mano Solo

Original Soundtrack: Eric Bijon

Producers: Grégoire Parain et Amaury La Burthe (Novelab)

Producers: Pierre-Emmanuel Le Goff et Guilhem Olive (La vingt-cinquième heure)

With the support of: CNC, Mairie de Paris, Région Occitanie & Mediapart